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Whether you are preparing for a long car ride or a flight across the country, traveling can be a source of anxiety for those who deal with incontinence. Those who experience bladder leakage or incontinence should not have to sacrifice their plans. Today we wanted to share with you a few tips from Joanne, a Neurological Continence Nurse Consultant, and former academic at the Australian Catholic University (ACU National) for practical ways of managing bladder leakage so you can live an active life.

Plan ahead before you travel.

Book your seats ahead, be it by bus, train, or flight travel, so you're situated close to toilets and seated in an aisle seat.

No matter where you are going, stock up on your protective supplies before leaving home.

It will help you avoid the stress of trying something new or having to go without. If you are amongst the many who use a sanitary pad and not a product designed specifically for moderate to high volume urine loss consider swapping over.

Don't be tempted to reduce your intake of fluids as this will not reduce your risk of leakage; instead, choose your drinks wisely.

Avoid caffeine, a natural diuretic (chemicals that make you need to pass urine) and bladder irritant, and ensure you drink between five to eight glasses of water each day. If you don't drink enough fluids you will reduce your bladder's capacity and actually increase your bladder sensitivity.

Many people don't seek help.

If you experience bladder leakage or incontinence don't be afraid to reach out. Talking with someone about your options will help you be in control of your incontinence. There are many different products out there and it can be overwhelming. Binson's has a dedicated incontinence department that is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Be sure to ask about FREE samples, our Discreet Home Delivery and Free Shipping with our Home Incontinence Delivery Program. Call (888) 246-7667.


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