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Please complete the form to receive uninterrupted, timely delivery for your home health products. The more information you provide, the easier it is to process your reorder. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at (888) 246-7667 .



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  • Diabetes Supply Reorder Form

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  • By checking this box you approve Binson's Medical Equipment & Supplies to use a valid credit card to collect copay and or deductible amounts associated with your order. If you do not have a valid Credit Card on file, or if we require additional information to complete your order, a Binson's representative will contact you.

  • Patient Status Questionnaire

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  • Product Information

    Please select the Diabetes products you would like to reorder.

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  • Billed charges could be applied to yearly deductibles and/or copays. Binson's will attempt to collect the required documentation and bill the insurance claim. No returns on insurance sales, all other returns in 30 days (restocking fee may apply).

  • Rental Equipment:

  • I agree the rental equipment is the property of Binson's and will be returned in good condition when no longer necessary. Any damage to equipment other than ordinary wear and tear will be my responsibility.


  • Assignment of Benefits (AOB):

  • I acknowledge receipt and understanding of Binson's notice of health information privacy practices which provides a description of how Binson's may use and disclose my health information, patient rights & responsibilities, CMS standards, and important information notification. I give consent to Binson's to use and disclose this information for the purposes of: Treatment, payment of authorized benefits on my behalf, health care operations, obtaining information from any health care provider for proper determination of benefits payable, and releasing to my insurance company necessary information for reimbursement for any product/service provided to me. I request payment of authorized Medicare or other payor benefits be made on my behalf to Binson's for any services rendered by Binson's . I agree and understand that I am responsible for any charges not covered by my insurance. I will notify Binson's of any changes in my insurance coverage.


  • By signing this form below, I give Binson's or its authorized vendors or agents, permission to contact me or persons acting on my behalf by telephone, pre-recorded calls, text messages, calls generated by an automated telephone system or by fax, at any telephone number, including any wireless or cell phone number, that I or any healthcare provider making a referral for me to Binson's provided to Binson's. Contacts may include but are not limited to equipment, supplies, re-orders or renewal supplies, upgrades, optional equipment, or any information concerning treatment, payment or operations. I understand that I am not required to provide this consent to Binson's in order to purchase goods or services from Binson's. Please contact Customer Service at 888.246.7667 to limit customer contact.

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Orders submitted online will be delivered to the patient by mail within 10 business days after shipping from our facility. If you have questions regarding your order, email us at

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