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Binson's has the pleasure of providing customers throughout the United States with essential medical equipment and supplies. Here are some of the kind words they had to say.

Tyler is an exceptional person. He is a true asset to your company. If I had a company he would be the kind of worker that I would want working for me. He is so patient with everyone and explains everything very clear. I can't say enough about how Tyler does his job!

Raymond B  - Livonia O&P

As a healthcare professional for more than 40 years a little thing like pneumonia or the flu only keeps me down for 2 or 3 days. But, this COVID Delta variant put me down for a long time. In fact, I was in the hospital for 30 days. The nurses one day came to my room surprised that I was still alive! That's when I knew that I could beat this thing. Before that it was terrifying! In order to get out of the Hospital I needed to go from an oxygen requirement of 35 down to 3. It was hard to do but I did it. When they released me from the hospital Binson's provided me with a machine that for the most part served my needs. However, the initial unit provided was not to my liking and had to be replaced. Steve brought me out my replacement unit and was extremely professional and informative. He explained better than the people at the hospital and for the first time, I felt somewhat at ease. It's no fun being on oxygen 24 hours a day while recuperating from a debilitating disease but with the care that I received from Binson's and especially Steve I am ready to continue the fight to full recovery.

Jack Folson  - Great Service from Steve

Rehab Team @ Binsons, I would like to personally thank Melissa Young for the assistance in securing my dad's new power wheelchair. Melissa, guided us every step of the way over the last few months. She has great communication skills, is courteous & caring. We didn't know what getting a power chair would entail between doctor visits, forms & insurance; it was so helpful knowing what was next. She even emailed me when one of the forms was held up with his doctor so I could resolve it. It's rare to find a person like Melissa who has integrity & obviously enjoys making her customer's lives better. She was even able to get a saddlebag at the last minute, so that too could be delivered with the chair. We are most appreciative for the freedom this chair will provide my 89 year old Veteran Dad! And the peace of mind it gives me knowing he's safer from falls. Many blessings Melissa!

Elmer W & Sandra K  - Center Line - Rehab

Kudos to Piper from the Brighton location who was so pleasant and helpful and who immediately checked my account and got authorization from my insurance company. Never once did she put me on hold and she let me know throughout the process what she was doing. I hope you will let her know how Appreciative I was with her actions toward me.

Joan H  - Brighton

Simply the best! The reps are very helpful and patient. They don't act like you're putting them out by asking questions. Orders are handled quickly and efficiently. My best advice is this if you want the best service for your supplies switch to Binsons'. They actually know what they're doing! Amazing. I'm so grateful to be able to use this company.

Joyce D.  - 5 Star Google Review

Jakeer P. was sooo Helpful and AMAZING with all my needs and concerns!! He was very Knowledgeable Kind. He truly cared about my needs he also helped My Father in law and the man to see is Jakeeer P.!!!! Hands Down !!!! He is Great!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany C.  - 5 Star Google Review

Nick- thank you for the amazing customer service, prompt delivery and meeting my family's needs ASAP! We greatly appreciate it!

Suzi I.  - 5 Star Google Review

Hannah B., in Orthopedics/Prosthetics at the Royal Oak office, is an excellent representation of superior customer service.  I am incredibly pleased with the quality of customer service she provided to me. Her professionalism and care should be commended.

Diane L  - Royal Oak

Thank you so much for all your help with my recent dilemma with my oxygen concentrator. It is not easy trying to operate with no medical insurance, and not everyone is willing to work on solutions. I really appreciate your understanding and assistance.

Cheri T.  - Website Submission

I cannot thank you all enough. Everything about your company is so great. For an old man like me, problems such as mine can be rough to handle, but your wonderful people and their attention to detail, have made me have a new vision for life. Again, thank you all. I'm just one old man, but one that truly appreciates all. Sincerely, Dave J.

David J.  - 5 Star Google Review

We have been having the hardest time getting my Husband Alex and very much needed replacement of a medical bed for nearly a year. We had to try over 8 different medical supply companies. And then one lovely day I met a woman in your Flint office whose name is Amanda. Amanda was our saving grace! Even though we had many setbacks and struggles due to Covid19 and it took an extremely long time, she was always so helpful. And with his specific needs she was able to find us the perfect fit. She has went above and beyond and over exceeded all of our expectations. She was calling me all the time to give me updates and had to go through so much to get this done for him. I just want to send a huge THANK YOU to Amanda at Flint Binson's for taking such good care of us and for going above and beyond for my husband!

Elisabeth Sheldon  - Best customer service EVER!

In the name of the people served by the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, I am writing to thank you for the more than half ton of processed, prize-winning beef that you donated recently. It arrived approximately two weeks ago, and is proving very popular with our guests. We believe that just because people are poor, they should not have to eat bad food. Thus we are pleased to be able to provide them the high-quality meat you purchased for us at the auction in East Lansing. We are grateful. Thank you once again for including me in the trip to East Lansing that evening. And thank you once again for this wonderful donation to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

Jerry  - Detroit, MI

"Your company has provided my husband with his blood glucose testing supplies for several years. Because he is now an insulin pump user, we are also obtaining pump supplies on a quarterly basis as well. For several reasons, none of which are negative issues regarding your services/company, we will begin receiving both his blood glucose and pump supplies from our insulin pump supplies vendor. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to your company for the services you have provided. Your employees have been very helpful and caring. I would especially like to tell you that Sandy Santos has been wonderful. My dealings with her have always been pleasant even when we hit "a few bumps in the road." Sandy has always been friendly, compassionate, reliable, and professional. It would be nice if all companies had many "Sandy's." Many thanks and be assured that we would gladly recommend your company to anyone needing your services."

Peggy G.  - Commerce, GA

I would like to thank you very much for your kindness and help in getting me the oxygen that I needed for my stay here in Detroit. Without the O2, my stay over the last weekend would have been very hard to handle as Cindy had a busy weekend for me. We slowed down during the week, but we were still very much on the go.

Sharon S.  - Alberta, Canada

Rolfe was very helpful, and gentle with my broken wrist. He went out of his way to get me the brace I needed that day so that I wouldn't have to come back another day. I was so grateful! Thank you Binson's for having wonderful people working for you!

Debra S.  - Sterling Heights O&P

Have not been able to find a foot attachment for Mom's new cane. Stopped to see if Binson's had one. Liz didn't quit until she found one. So pleasant and professional.  Such a pleasure.

Report Card Submission  - Center Line

I was visiting from out of town when I realized I forgot to pack my cpap mask. I went to three other medical supply locations looking to purchase just a face mask. I was told they had none on site. Others told me if I wasn't a patient they couldn't help me. That was until I found Binson medical supply.  They were so kind and helpful. They had my mask on site and I was able to pay out of pocket no prescription needed.  Thanks to these caring people I will be able to sleep well. Utica Michigan location.

Anonymous  - Ann Arbor

Kari has provided nothing but extraordinary service to my CPAP supplies. She really goes above and beyond the call of duty, always checking to ensure I have enough supplies and if everything is performing to standard. She carries herself with the utmost professionalism whenever she is checking up on the supplies she gave me. This level of devotion to the job is very apparent and she is always a pleasure to work with.

Roger M  - Respiratory

Just wanted to say how great Margaret is. She is so helpful and goes above and beyond

Ahmed fouani  - Mr

Dan M has been working with me and my prosthetic leg for the last 10 years. He always gets me in within or two. Usually on the same day. If l am feeling pain he makes adjustments and l always leave there feeling better. The whole place is very professional  and the staff is very friendly. If you need this type of equipment l suggest you give them a try. You won't be sorry.  

Walter  - Website Submission

I was in February 6th and was helped by Shelby with my sleep apnea machine. It was all new to me, first time having to use one. Shelby was so knowledgeable and took her time explaining everything possible about it. Made me feel comfortable, taking it home and using it.

JG  - Mr

I have contacted Binsons several times in need of their help regarding my equipment. They have always responded quickly. The representatives on the phone and in store have always been patient, kind and understanding. I am very grateful that they are the supplier for my medical needs. Thank you for all of your support, quick response and caring employees.

Mary T Drake  - Binsons is Great

Binson's is doing a awesome job, may GOD continue to Guide and Bless you all.

Kenneth M James sr  - Mr.

Very good service to me and my sleep patients

Gary Trock  - Dr

I’ve had outstanding customer service and support. Binson’s have made the transition to using my cpap machine easy.

Craig Thornsbury  - Mr

Jessica went above and beyond to help our father with his diabetic shoes.  It was a battle with the insurance and I am sure it was frustrating. Jessica was polite professional and got our dad taken care of and now he is able to walk a lot better and not be in so much pain, which is priceless to us.  Thank you to Jessica and we really appreciate knowing that in this day and age people still are kind helpful and go above and beyond to help people. Binson's congrats on having such a great employee and representative at your Sterling Heights OP location, also to note the manager Marcy I spoke with couldn't of been nicer and was very kind.  Keep up the great work and thanks again for helping our family out. Happy Holidays to all.

Nick H  - Sterling Heights

Great device and great quality. Thank you

Mohamed Ali Elsaid  - Mr

Jeffrey was extremely helpful -- clear, patient, courteous, friendly.  Who could ask for anything more?

Bruce  - Ann Arbor

Crystal surprised and delighted me with her professionalism and competence in arranging my appointment to pick up a new CPAP machine. I’ve never met her but she ‘sparkled’ on the phone! Thanks for your efficiency and kindness, Crystal!

Dennis G.  - Center Line

When I say the Staff at the Dearborn location is amazing, I have to wear a c-pap machine, and I had to pick a mask. Each mask that I tried was not a good fit for me. Each time I called to ask to try another, the staff helped me each time, without no hesitation. They were efficient and knowledgeable of the equipment needed. I thought I had got the right mask , turn out that it wasn't it. My husband said try mines to see how it fit. Trying his I am convinced that this is the one I called once again, yes come in. When I get there they didn't have it, so to help me further they ordered it. The staff called me to tell me that it was in. I am happy and appreciate the time and the dedication both young ladies gave. I will recommend this store to anyone that ask. Again I want to thank them, sincerely I appreciate them both.

Lolita Reese  - Absolutely Amazing

I had taken one of my Neighbors to your Dearborn Store, early this week, the both of us where greeted bye Susan and Danielle. The way they both took us in the most caring speaks Volumes for Binson's . They where both so helpful and knowledgeable, It made my our day!! Many Thanks to both, Susan and Danielle !1

David Emerson Clark  - Going the Extra Mile in Service

I was not able to get a CPAP sleep history report from my doctor or previous supply provider, which I desperately needed to obtain a new job. Gene worked through the issues with my dated equipment and the unresponsive vendor software to obtain exactly what I needed. His knowledge, assistance, and humor were greatly appreciated!

Shaun Bailey  - Life Saving Help!

After more than a year using my CPAP, my feelings about it were mixed.  I was sleeping better and felt more rested but the machine was a bit of a hassle to use.  After visiting the Brighton Binson's store and talking with Rachel and Erin, my with the machine has risen substantially and my sleep has improved.  The mask now fits better and doesn't leak, I can access more data from the machine and the headgear doesn't irritate my skin.  Rachel and Erin really know how to use this machine and they know how to share that knowledge.  Rachel and Erin helped me a lot and I think they can help others as well.  Thanks!

Jim M  - Brighton

I hope this reaches out to someone high up in the company. I just started going through this company for my supplies. I emailed and within i would say few minutes i got an email back from McKenzie. I just wanted to say that she has been so patient with me through all the emails. She has been wonderful and understanding. I wish there were more people like her. She is awesome and hope that she gets sometype of recognition. McKenzie is the type of person that i would want to work for my company if i owned one. Thank you so much McKenzie for the kindess and the help.

Danyel Orick  - Great Service

( Elizabeth is ) Very professional, knows your product line, listens well to your concerns, and try's her best to resolve your issues and concerns.  I believe she's a value to your company!!

Arnold  - Sterling Heights

I can't say thank you enough to Raymond Hubbell at your Miller Road location. After a very unsuccessful and unprofessional experience I encountered at the hands of the "ladies" at Hart medical on Ballenger Hwy, I decided to try Binson's - and I'm so glad I did. Raymond was so helpful, compassionate and kind to me that I left in tears with all the supplies I needed. Thank you, thank you Raymond! You were a light in the darkness, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your assistance.

Lawrence Kelly  - Raymond H in Flint Location

I have been going to the Flint location of Binson's for about 12 years for my prosthetic leg supplies. They are such a warm and caring group of people. They take care of the technical and insurance issues so I don't have to. The receptionists are really friendly and Heidi who always calls me when it is time for a checkup or just to ask how I am doing is so nice and supportive. Then there is Dan Messler CP/CFO who I consider one of the nicest people in the medical business. He always makes time to get me right in if I am having issues with my prosthetic and I always leave feeling better. This place is fantastic. Thanks guys!!!

Walter Willett  - Binson's Flint, MI

I'd like to thank Dave H for his professional service. He delivered my mother's medical equipment with care and took the time to give instructions on how to operate everything. He was even nice enough to take measurements for a wheelchair ramp just in case our family decided to get one. Stellar services and I would recommend him and Binson's highly!

Jasmine W  - Great and Professional Service

Liz was very pleasant, courteous, and helpful in helping me choose the best suitable walker for my mother.  She was prompt and very knowledgeable on the product.

Report Card Submission  - Center Line

Dave H and Marc S came today to move my husband's bed from my home to another location. They were both very efficient and so helpful and kind to me. They turned a stressful situation into an outstanding customer service experience. You are truly lucky to have them as employees.

Kathryn Ertell  - Dave H and Marc S are wonderful employees

Bryan and Dave H. delivered my 140 pound Liquid Oxygen tank the other day. Sometimes ( in the past) I have gotten a tank that was not completely full. This is not of the driver's doing since they don't FILL the tanks. But it DOES show a driver's integrity when they double-check the tank before they deliver it. In this case, these guys checked a tank I was supposed to get and it was not full and low on pressure. They swapped it out for a tank that WAS! This is what customers expect...and APPRECIATE.

ERNESTINE FOWLER-PURDIE  - Delivering a Quality Product

Leslie was a patient and thorough sales lady. She was very helpful explaining the chair and completing purchase. Then Dave and Bryan delivered the chair! They also were so helpful, kind, patient and helped me with setting up my chair and explaining it to me. I couldn't have asked for better delivery guys! Thanks!

Norma H  - Binson's Southgate

I have always had the best service from Binson's. Everyone is helpful and nice. Even when the supply of O2 tanks is low, they take the time to call me when a supply comes in. Without the tanks its hard to get out and about. Today I want to thank Dave H. for bring my tanks out and being sure I had everything I needed. I recommend Binson's to everyone. Thanks for being such a great team.

Mary Maranowski  - Outstanding Company

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