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Thank you so much for all your help with my recent dilemma with my oxygen concentrator. It is not easy trying to operate with no medical insurance, and not everyone is willing to work on solutions. I really appreciate your understanding and assistance.

Cheri T.  - Website Submission

I would like to thank you very much for your kindness and help in getting me the oxygen that I needed for my stay here in Detroit. Without the O2, my stay over the last weekend would have been very hard to handle as Cindy had a busy weekend for me. We slowed down during the week, but we were still very much on the go.

Sharon S.  - Alberta, Canada

"Your company has provided my husband with his blood glucose testing supplies for several years. Because he is now an insulin pump user, we are also obtaining pump supplies on a quarterly basis as well. For several reasons, none of which are negative issues regarding your services/company, we will begin receiving both his blood glucose and pump supplies from our insulin pump supplies vendor. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to your company for the services you have provided. Your employees have been very helpful and caring. I would especially like to tell you that Sandy Santos has been wonderful. My dealings with her have always been pleasant even when we hit "a few bumps in the road." Sandy has always been friendly, compassionate, reliable, and professional. It would be nice if all companies had many "Sandy's." Many thanks and be assured that we would gladly recommend your company to anyone needing your services."

Peggy G.  - Commerce, GA

In the name of the people served by the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, I am writing to thank you for the more than half ton of processed, prize-winning beef that you donated recently. It arrived approximately two weeks ago, and is proving very popular with our guests. We believe that just because people are poor, they should not have to eat bad food. Thus we are pleased to be able to provide them the high-quality meat you purchased for us at the auction in East Lansing. We are grateful. Thank you once again for including me in the trip to East Lansing that evening. And thank you once again for this wonderful donation to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

Jerry  - Detroit, MI

Nick- thank you for the amazing customer service, prompt delivery and meeting my family's needs ASAP! We greatly appreciate it!

Suzi I.  - 5 Star Google Review

I cannot thank you all enough. Everything about your company is so great. For an old man like me, problems such as mine can be rough to handle, but your wonderful people and their attention to detail, have made me have a new vision for life. Again, thank you all. I'm just one old man, but one that truly appreciates all. Sincerely, Dave J.

David J.  - 5 Star Google Review

Jakeer P. was sooo Helpful and AMAZING with all my needs and concerns!! He was very Knowledgeable Kind. He truly cared about my needs he also helped My Father in law and the man to see is Jakeeer P.!!!! Hands Down !!!! He is Great!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany C.  - 5 Star Google Review

Simply the best! The reps are very helpful and patient. They don't act like you're putting them out by asking questions. Orders are handled quickly and efficiently. My best advice is this if you want the best service for your supplies switch to Binsons'. They actually know what they're doing! Amazing. I'm so grateful to be able to use this company.

Joyce D.  - 5 Star Google Review

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