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Equipment From Brands You Trust

Browse through the brands we carry to find the durable medical equipment made just for you!

  • 3M


    At 3M, we pair ingenuity with patient-centered science to provide solutions to help improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency and value for our customers.

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  • A & D Engineering

    A & D Engineering

    A&D Company, Americas is headquartered in San Jose, CA, and is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of precision measurement and product inspection equipment for the health care, laboratory, and other industrial markets.

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  • Abbott


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  • Actimove


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  • American Diagnostic Corp

    American Diagnostic Corp

    To produce feature-rich, ruggedly built, value-priced professional diagnostic medical instruments for the healthcare marketplace while maintaining a stable, dependable employment environment for our associates and trading partners.

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  • Amsino International

    Amsino International

    Amsino has provided high value, contract manufactured medical products to the US and global markets for over 23 years.

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  • AMT Group, Inc.

    AMT Group, Inc.

    AMT Group, Inc. is a management company that oversees general operation practices of four entities.

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  • Applied Medical Technologies

    Applied Medical Technologies

    Applied Medical Technology, Inc. (AMT) is a global leader and manufacturer of enteral feeding devices and surgical products.

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  • Avanos Medical Sales LLC

    Avanos Medical Sales LLC

    Avanos is a medical device company focused on delivering clinically superior breakthrough solutions that will help patients get back to the things that matter.

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  • Bard


    Bard Medical is part of C. R. Bard, Inc. For more than 100 years, C. R. Bard, Inc. has been developing innovative medical devices that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

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  • Bayer


    We touch billions of lives, helping provide them with safe, convenient and effective daily health solutions to treat minor illness and improve their lives.

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  • Briggs


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  • BSN Medical

    BSN Medical

    BSN medical is a global leader in the worldwide healthcare market specializing in the areas of Compression Therapy, Wound Care and Orthopaedics.

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  • Cardinal Health Medical

    Cardinal Health Medical

    At Cardinal Health, we work across the continuum of care to help make quality healthcare more cost-effective for our customers.

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  • Carex


    Carex Health Brands has been the branded leader in in-home, self-care medical products for over 35 years. Our goal is to improve the lives of our customers by providing quality products that bring dignity back to their lives.

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  • Chattanooga


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  • Church Products Co.

    Church Products Co.

    The COMFORTPAN bedpan is the ORIGINAL, patented first of its kind on the market! 100% Manufactured and built-in California USA since 1993.

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  • Cleanis


    The CLEANIS Quality approach complies with legal and regulatory requirements in order to ensure the safety and performance conditions of medical devices.

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  • CofixRX


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  • Coloplast


    Coloplast develops products and services to make life easier for people with deeply personal and private medical conditions

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  • Comfort Products Inc

    Comfort Products Inc


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  • Compass Health Brands

    Compass Health Brands

    Our vision is to be the market leader in providing innovative products that promote independence and better living in the comfort of their own homes.

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  • Contour Products

    Contour Products

    We bring you a complete range of products specifically designed to provide therapeutic support, encourage proper posture, and indulge your customers in the ultimate comfort.

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  • Cure


    We believe research is the key to developing a cure for urinary retention, spinal cord injury and central nervous system disorders.

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  • Dexcom


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  • Dignity


    The HARTMANN family of skin-friendly incontinence management products is designed to counter the corrosive properties of voids and reduce complications resulting from skin breakdown.

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  • Dover


    Covidien Dover (formerly Kendall Dover) is a leader in urinary management. Dover features quality urological supplies, like a leg bag and urinary drainage bags.

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  • Drive Medical

    Drive Medical

    We are dedicated to providing high-value solutions to our Homecare partners. Today, Drive is one of the fastest growing homecare manufacturers, delivering high value durable medical equipment for the homecare market.

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  • Dynarex


    All our products are manufactured with the highest standards, down to every detail including clinical equivalence, market readiness and logistics.

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  • EasyMax


    EASYMAX® Diabetes Care positions himself to maximize the convenience of usability in glucose monitoring application.

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  • Ecosox


    EcoSox is committed to providing quality socks. Whether you’re looking for socks to wear for work, outdoor activity, sports, or your diabetic condition, EcoSox delivers you quality socks.

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  • Escali


    Escali’s innovations in quality, accuracy, value and style are shaping the future of measuring technology in home and professional settings.

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  • Essential Medical

    Essential Medical

    We are a broad based supplier of home medical and health related products designed with the needs of the user in mind.

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  • Essential Medical Supply

    Essential Medical Supply

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  • Etavonni Products, LLC

    Etavonni Products, LLC

    Realizing an unmet need for an effective, high-quality, pill-free pain remedy that combined all the long-lasting, body-contouring flexibility of a bag of frozen peas with the convenience of a reusable gel pack — the idea for FrozenPeaz was born.

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  • EvenFlo Feeding Inc

    EvenFlo Feeding Inc

    Evenflo was incorporated as the Pyramid Rubber Company under Ohio law on June 4, 1920. Our first facility was located at 226 South Prospect Street in Ravenna, Ohio.

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  • Ferndale Laboratories

    Ferndale Laboratories

    Made in the USA We are extremely proud to be able to say that our products are manufactured here in the United States.

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  • First Quality Products

    First Quality Products

    At First Quality, we look to make the ones that truly stand out by improving the little things and the big things so that we can make a real difference in people's lives without ever sacrificing quality for affordability.

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  • Fortis Medical Products

    Fortis Medical Products

    We are committed to developing innovative quality products at a price that is affordable.

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  • Frio


    Designed to suit all types and makes of insulin pumps, insulin pens, vials and standard refill cartridges.

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  • Gemco medical

    Gemco medical

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  • Golden Tech

    Golden Tech

    As a family-owned and operated company, Golden Technologies is proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of luxurious lift and recline chairs.

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  • Hartmann


    As a leading manufacturer of products in the areas of advanced and traditional wound management, incontinence management, and sports medicine, we are committed to partnering with healthcare professionals to go further for health.

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  • Harvy Surgical

    Harvy Surgical

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  • HealX


    Our vision is to create a world where the human body can repair, restore and rejuvenate itself. Our mission is to do this by bringing therapeutic products into the mainstream of healthcare.

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  • Hollister


    Hollister has been serving healthcare professionals and patients for more than 95 years — making a difference in the journey of life for people throughout the global community.

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  • I-Runner


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  • Joerns Healthcare

    Joerns Healthcare

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  • Lake Effect Medical

    Lake Effect Medical

    Lake Effect is dedicated to providing value-based care through innovation. From essential safety equipment to soft goods and cold compression therapy, our team is committed to making sure you have the support and tools you need to thrive.

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  • LiViliti


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  • Marpac


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  • Mckesson


    We believe higher-quality care comes when health organizations across settings are truly healthy. We provide the products, technology and resources they need to operate more effectively, lower costs and improve patient health.

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  • medela


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  • Medline


    Helping healthcare providers drive down costs while ensuring quality of care is what we’re built to do.

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  • Medtronic


    People-centered, data-driven, personalized. Solving our world’s biggest health challenges with advanced technology.

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  • Milliken Medical

    Milliken Medical

    We are a family-owned American supplier of health and wellness products.

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  • Mueller


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  • Nestle Healthcare Nutrition

    Nestle Healthcare Nutrition

    Founded in 2011, Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) is a globally recognized leader in the field of nutritional science, committed to redefining the management of health.

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  • North Coast Medical

    North Coast Medical

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  • Nu Hope Labs

    Nu Hope Labs

    ince 1959, Nu-Hope Laboratories has provided personalized customer service to Ostomates, their nurses, caregivers and families.

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  • O2 Concepts

    O2 Concepts

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  • OMNI Medical Supply

    OMNI Medical Supply

    As a team of qualified and compassionate healthcare professionals, our mission is to provide quality products, superior services and proven solutions to the healthcare industry.

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  • Pedifix


    Our high-performance solutions have helped millions of people ease pain, prevent future problems, wear shoes more comfortably and make their feet more attractive.

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  • Penco Medical

    Penco Medical

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  • Phillips Respironics

    Phillips Respironics

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  • Posey


    The TIDI® Products portfolio of brands includes POSEY® patient safety devices, STERILE-Z® drapes, C-ARMOR® drapes, PenBlade® Safety Scalpels, TIDISHIELD® eyewear and other devices, GRIP-LOK® securement items, and Zero-Gravity® radiation protection.

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  • Prevail


    Bringing a leading protective hygiene brand straight to consumers so that everyone has access to the best care available. Shop Prevail products at Binsons.

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  • Pride Mobility

    Pride Mobility

    Pride Mobility Products® Corporation is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products including Jazzy® Power Chairs, Go-Go® Travel Mobility, Pride Mobility® Scooters, and Pride® Power Lift Recliners.

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  • ProBasics


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  • Prodigy


    Our mission is to provide innovative, high quality, and affordably priced products to persons with diabetes.

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  • Professional Medical, Inc

    Professional Medical, Inc

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  • Resmed


    We’re leading the way in cloud-connected medical devices that transform care for people with sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic diseases.

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  • Roscoe Medical

    Roscoe Medical

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  • Rose Health Care

    Rose Health Care

    Don Mann (President) Co-Founded Duro-Med Industries and served as its president for almost 25 years. In 2001 he joined with several former employees of Duro-Med and formed Rose Health Care

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  • Salk Inc

    Salk Inc

    Salk’s mission is to educate you on the sensitive topic of urinary incontinence and alleviate your concerns with a comprehensive collection of urinary incontinence facts and resources.

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  • Salter Labs

    Salter Labs

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  • Sigvaris


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  • SitnStand


    SitnStand is dedicated to creating innovative mobility aids that help people of all ages and abilities live active, independent lives.

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  • SoClean


    SoClean Inc. is the creator of SoClean 2, the fast and easy way to maintain sleep equipment.

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  • SoftPath


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  • Stat Medical Devices

    Stat Medical Devices

    Established in 1988, Stat Medical Devices, Inc.® (SMD) is an industry leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of medical devices with a special emphasis on lancets, lancing devices and clinical capillary blood sampling products.

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  • Tandem Diabetes Care

    Tandem Diabetes Care

    Tandem Diabetes Care develops insulin pumps & other products and services that bring innovation, convenience & style to diabetes management.

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  • Tena


    Our wide range of products are backed with the Fearless Protection™ of TENA Technology™ to give you faster absorption, advanced odor protection and Peace of Mind—so you can live life fearlessly.

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  • Truelife


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