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Kooty Key Germ-Free Utility Tool
Yes $3.60
Bathroom Aids

Dlx Bath Sponge w/20" angled handle
Yes $9.00
Bedroom Aids

Home Bed Assist Rail
Yes $82.38
Overbed Table, H-Base, Non-Tilt
Yes $129.00
Home Bed Rail, EZ Adjust
Yes $145.00
BedCane - bed handle, stand-up aid
Yes $156.39
Dining Aids

Good Grip Rocker Knife
Yes $11.93
Good Grip Fork (Bendable)
Yes $11.93
Good Grip Tablespoon (Bendable)
Yes $11.93
Grooming & Dressing Aids

Plastic Shoehorn with Hook
Yes $4.28
Plastic Shoehorn, 18"
Yes $4.50
Rubber Gloves Green Ridged
Yes $8.02
Dressing Stick - 27" Long
Yes $9.91
Dressing Stick - 18" Long
Yes $10.60
Stainless Steel Shoehorn 24"
Yes $12.43
Delux Molded Sock Aid
Yes $18.86
Easy Pull Sock Aid
Yes $24.00

Aluminum Reacher, 26.5" long
Yes $15.00
Therapy Aids

Gait Belt, Std 54" w/Metal buckle
Yes $13.90
Gait Belt, Std 72" w/Metal Buckle
Yes $22.4
Exercise Pulley set (over the door)
Yes $24.8
Over Door Traction Set
Yes $44.42
Hip/Knee kit, Deluxe
Yes $49.90
Hip/Knee kit, standard
Yes $50.00
Pedal exerciser
Yes $69.14
Pedal Exerciser with digital-display folding
Yes $70.91
Transfer Aids

Leg Lifter
Yes $11.87

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