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3 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

January 19, 2018 | R. Stiteler

Have you felt blue this winter? Looked out the window and realized that the freezing temperatures and mountains of snow aren't something that you want to worry about today, and in reality not something you want to deal with any day?

If you've had these thoughts, then you've come to the right place! Welcome to the Binson's Winter Help Guide, helping people find ways to beat the Winter Blues since we can't remember when!

Step 1 For Beating the Blues: Decide that your day is going to be better.

Too many of the greatest things that could have happened have been stopped because we get inside of our own heads. We can be as amazing and life-changing as we want to be, but the only thing that is stopping you from being the best you...is you.

Step 2 For Beating the Blues: Find a friend.

Now that you've referenced #1 and have decided that today is going to be awesome, find someone to share that with! Whether that person is your significant other, your kid, or the neighbor you have never taken the time to talk to. Just pick someone, make a friend and, follow through with whatever you decided is going to make your day awesome!

Step 3 For Beating the Blues: Have Fun.

This is the hardest step to get moving on, but is also the most rewarding. Yeah, whatever you decide to do to make your day awesome could go horribly wrong. Its possible, but like one of my mentors used to say "There are only two kinds of moments in life. Good ones, and stories to tell." So maybe its time to live by this philosophy, go be awesome in whatever way seems right to you. Because I only know two things: you are awesome, and you should share that awesome with the people around you.

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