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March 1, 2018 | R. Stiteler

National Wheelchair Day is today. That means we get to focus specifically on wheelchairs and some very important people in all walks of life that have made an impact in one way or another! The first of the individuals is Franklin D. Roosevelt. The first of the individuals is Franklin D. Roosevelt, a President of the USA and a influential speaker during the Great Depression. However not letting his disability stop him, during his Presidency he opened the Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center in Georgia to help individuals like him!

The second of these individuals is Christopher Reeve. He is better known as one of the actors responsible for the portraying of Superman. He suffered a serious accident and was left unable to walk. He, like FDR, didn't let this stop him either as he was able to put in place a charity for Spinal Cord Research before he passed away in 2004.

The third person is a woman by the name of Tanni Grey-Thompson. She is a Paralympic athlete, a member of British Parliament, and a world-class Wheelchair Racer. She has been in a wheelchair since she was 7 years old and has always tried to make the best out of her situation, no matter what stood in her way!

The final individual is arguably the most well known, Stephen Hawking. He is a world class Physicist who suffers from being confined to a wheelchair like the people before him. However he has accomplished some great things in his life! He proved Einstein's Theory of Relativity and has even developed a mathematical formula for the way Black Holes in space work!

However all of these people have something in common with each other. They all didn't let their situation stop them. Whether you're a world class scientist or not you can still have a great impact! Don't let that chair hold you back, let it carry you forward and help you in being the best you that you can be. So just remember this when you're going about your day, we are all amazing to someone!

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