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April 11, 2018 | R. Stiteler

Earlier this month we discussed the most common form of ostomy surgery, the colostomy.

However there are many different types of Ostomy surgeries, which we will discuss at a later date. Today we will be discussing the difference of the temporary and permanent ostomy types. To best explain the differences of these two types of ostomy, we have to go back to the beginning of the procedure. When an individual needs to get a osotmy procedure done, it creates a stoma. This stoma is best explained as a "small opening on the surface of the abdomen being surgically created to divert the flow of bodily waste". This opening is where the differences between the temporary ostomy and the permanent ostomy come into play.

A temporary ostomy is, as it sounds, temporary. It is created because the patient has a injury or medical situation that is prone to healing itself. This then does not require the surgery to be permanent and is designed to be reversible within a specific time frame window. However there is no quick answer to ostomy's of this kind. Even though the temporary ostomy can be reversed and is not in any way permanent it usually takes a length of time that exceeds 3 months before the patient can visit the idea of having the procedure reversed to remove the stoma. A permanent ostomy is a concept that is much simpler to understand. With this procedure the stoma is now a permanent surgery for the patient.

Now patients that have had a stoma and ostomy surgical procedure completed may have a lot of questions regarding their new living situation. However simply because an individual has had an ostomy surgery doesn't mean that their life will change drastically. Much of the lifestyle that you had prior to the ostomy can be similar!

For more information follow the link here to answer any questions that you may have concerning your new life with an ostomy!

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