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Incontinence Insights

March 6, 2018 | R. Stiteler

Incontinence. Defined by Merriam-Webster as "the bodies inability to control the evacuative functions." This is something that comes about when our bodies age and start to place a higher priority on different pieces of our anatomy. When this happens incontinence supplies may become necessary and can seem to be something that is a little foreign of a system to those searching for just the right one. There are many choices of diapers in the incontinence world and the first of them is briefs. Briefs are a style of incontinence supply that is designed for easy removal and usage. They have tabs on both sides to allow for easy access and utility for the individual that is wearing the diaper. Within the brief world there are multiple different types of diaper for various different situations.

Cloth Backed Briefs are used to limit the amount of noise that is emitting from the diaper when they are moving. Refasten-able Briefs are a style of brief that can be used multiple times a day. There are also different types of briefs for different times of day by having a diaper set up for exclusively day time usage and night time usage.

The second style of incontinence supply is Bariatric. This is for people who are exceeding the weight limit of average incontinence supplies. Then there is the style called Pull Ups. These are the closest to regular underwear than any of the other incontinence supplies as there are no different types of tabs or removal other than the regular removal methods.

There are also incontinence supplies that are meant for swimming as well. These prevent the incontinence supplies from leaking and getting into the pool. Finally there is the reusable incontinence supplies. These are able to be thrown into the dryer and washed like laundry. These tend to be more expensive, but allow for a larger amount versatility in an extended use.

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