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What is a Colostomy?

April 6, 2018 | R. Stiteler

Colostomy. A colostomy is a surgically created opening that can change the way that bowel movements exit your body. It can be a result of many different situations such as cancer, diverticulitis, imperforated anus, Hirschsprung's disease, trauma, and many others. These bowel movements are redirected due to the trauma or malfunctioning parts of the digestive system. This situation can be both permanent and temporary, depending on the severity of your individual situation. The main portion of the colostomy surgery is called the stoma, which is located near the stomach and is pink in color. For many different colostomy situations the stoma is covered by a pouch to collect the bowel movement. In the following updates we will be covering the major differences between Temporary and Permanent colostomies and what your options are to ensure your ability to live your life with a colostomy.

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