Cutie Training Pants

Price: $55.56

Vendor Item: CR7007, CR8007, CR9007, CR7008, CR8008, CR9008

Cuties Training Pants work well to prevent leakage for those active toddler-aged kids. Made for both boys and girls, Cutie Pants make it easy to pull the disposable diaper on or off with their elastic waistband that also has refastenable tabs to aid parents during changing sessions. The padding is thick and absorbent and Cuties have a soft, cloth-like outer feel. Cuties have a wetness indicator so you can tell when it's changing time -- plus, the training pants are hypoallergenic and come with Vitamin E and Aloe to help prevent skin irritation. The Cutie line of diaper products are for age ranges two to five years with three different sizes matching three different weight categories. The Cuties line of training pants balances quality and value to help parents and caregivers afford the supplies while aiding kids to transition to potty use.

  • Super absorbent and affordable
  • Easy to pull on or off
  • Wetness indicator to know when to change
  • Quick-release tab for easy changes
  • Color options for boys and girls

Item # For Boys Item # For Girls Size Weight Case Qnty
CR7007 CR7008 Medium 2T-3T Up to 34 lbs 4 bags of 26 (104 ct)
CR8007 CR8008 Large 3T-4T 32-40 lbs 4 bags of 23 (92 ct)
CR9007 CR9008 X-Large 4T-5T 38+ lbs 4 bags of 19 (76 ct)