TheraPeaz Hot/Cold Neck/Shoulder

Price: $26.67

Vendor Item #: TPN-CS-MIX


VirtualPeaz™ (not a gooey bead or gel) - stay pliable and conform to wrap the back of your neck delivering soft, comfortable hot or cold therapy.

COLD THERAPY relieves pain and reduces swelling.

HOT THERAPY relieves tension and stress. The soft, 100% cotton-flannel feels good agains the skin.

Hunching over a computer and long days at work can leave your neck and shoulders feeling tight and sore.

The NECK WRAP provides 21 inches of soothing HOT or COLD therapy relief. The ultimate in pain and stress relief for everything from sports injuries & arthritis pain to cramps, swelling & hot flashes.

VIRTUALPEAZ™ TheraPeaz® products feature the same patent-pending VirtualPeaz™ technology as the original FrozenPeaz® products.

STRESS RELIEF The Neck Wrap provides 21" of soothing hot or cold therapy relief. No seam at the back of your neck means smooth comfort.

NATURAL All FrozenPeaz products are non-toxic, plant-based. The clear alternative to blue gels.

ICY COOL COLD Long lasting cold therapy. Flexible even at 0º F. And VirtualPeaz™ just feel good!

DEEP HEAT Microwavable. Deep penetrating hot therapy.

SAFE / EASY FrozenPeaz® products are non-toxic. The Clear Ice™ Solution is 100% natural.


Weight .65 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 3.25 in
Wrap Material 100% Cotton Flannel
Compression Straps No
Heat Therapy Yes
Cold Therapy Yes