Prodigy AutoCode Blood Glucose Meter

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The Prodigy AutoCode Talking Meter makes monitoring your blood sugar levels a breeze! This meter is the perfect choice for the blind, low vision or any diabetes patient who wants to hear as well as see their reading. The Prodigy AutoCode will easily talk you through the testing steps in one of four languages: English, Spanish, French or Arabic. The Prodigy requires no coding, which not only means less steps for you, but also removes the possibility of coding errors which can result in false readings. With the capacity to store up to 450 test result by date and time, and accurate test results in only 6 seconds, the Prodigy AutoCode will make your diabetes management easier.

Product Features:
  • Easy one button operation
  • Requires only a tiny blood sample
  • No coding needed
  • "Speaks" to you in English, French, Spanish or Arabic
  • Accurate results in just 6 seconds
  • Stores 450 test results with date and time
  • Approved for alternate site testing (AST)
  • Standard USB port to easily download test results
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